2018 District Of Curves Volunteer Application
The Washington DC Full Figured Fashion Showcase welcomes those interested in volunteering with our show. Please fill out the form below and our Volunteer coordinator will contact you to discuss your application. Please also be sure to send a recent photo of yourself to Volunteers@districtofcurves.com. Applications will not be accepted without photos. All Applicant's must be at least 18 years of age. All Volunteers must be local to the DC, MD, VA area.

This year we will sponsor a week long series of events, beginning April 15-April 21st. Volunteers will have an opportunity to work with different events.

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All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
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Why are you interested in volunteering with us? Do you have any prior volunteer experience? If so, please list it here. *
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Volunteer opportunities are unpaid. Are you ok with this? *
If you are not ok with unpaid opportunities, please do not continue the application.
We would like volunteers to attend our rehearsals as well as be present for conference calls as needed. Are you willing to participate in these events? *
Volunteers will be required to arrive onsite, on the day of the finale show (April 21), at or around 10am and will be expected to work with us through the end of the show & the clean up period. (roughly 10pm). Are you able and willing to be available during that time? *
Everyone will be allowed to bring food and/or break for lunch. Food may be provided, however, it is not a guarantee. Details will be given as the date approaches.
In most cases, volunteers will not be able to watch the actual show, as they will be working in different areas that may include backstage and other areas where the show can not be seen. Do you understand and agree to this? *
Any volunteer who neglects their duties will be removed from the venue and will need to purchase a ticket to re-enter.
Below you will find a few areas where volunteers are needed. This list does not contain all areas. Some things may change. Please check all areas that interest you. *
We have events each day from April 15th-April 21st. The weekday events take place in the evening after 5pm. Please select which days that you would be available. Select all that apply.
May we add your email address to our mailing list so that you will remain up to date on District Of Curves events? *
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