HIFF 2017 Survey
Give us your feedback so next year's HIFF can be even better!
1. How many screenings did you attend at HIFF this year?
2. Are you a filmmaker?
VENUE (NEPTUNE'S Scotiabank Stage Theatre)
Let us know your thoughts about HIFF'S venue for 2017
3. Did you enjoy the screening venue?
Do you have any additional thoughts, suggestions, or comments about the venue?
Your answer
4. Did you enjoy the 2017 film selections?
Do you have any ideas for programming you'd like to see at HIFF?
Your answer
5. Did you feel like there was enough representation of Atlantic Canadian content?
Social media, print media, and communications
6. How did you find out about HIFF? (check as many as apply)
7. Did you use the HIFF.ca website?
7b) If you answered "Yes" to using the HIFF website, did you find it useful?
Any comments or thoughts about the HIFF website that you'd like to share?
Your answer
8. Be honest: did you actually read the HIFF updates (Festival Update Emails, blog posts, and "HIFF DAILY" emails)?
Parties, Q+A sessions, HIFF Talent Labs, info sessions, etc.
9. Did you attend any of the HIFF Talent Lab sessions? Did you find them useful? (Talent Lab Masterclasses were open to Atlantic Auteurs filmmakers only. Please skip this question if it doesn't apply) .
10. If you were NOT an Atlantic Auteurs Filmmaker this year, would you be interested in attending the HIFF Talent Lab Masterclasses if they were opened to all festival pass holders?
11. If you attended a screening, did you stay for the Q+A session? Was it enjoyable?
12. Did you participate in either of the alternative presentations at HIFF (imagineNative VR or DIFFERENT)?
12 b) If you answered "no", what was your reason?
Any final thoughts or comments about HIFF?
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