OL Thanksgiving Camp Registration
All Participants must complete this form and submit electronically.
Please mail checks by post with copy of this form (see address below) or submit payment electronically.
• Camp Fee Includes: 6 days coaching, lift tickets, airport/daily transportation, lodging w/ partial meal plan. This camp fills to capacity (50 max). Please enroll early.
• Minimum Deposit: $500 (US) per registrant must accompany registration to reserve your enrollment. Use PayPal for deposit, or check payable to: Olin/Lacasse SkiRacing School (see mailing address below)
• Full Balance: full tuition ($2000) is due no later than Nov 1st, 2014. Payment arrangements must be made in advance.
• Family lodging arrangements are available. Please call for custom pricing and guidance.
• Cancellations: REFUNDS available 45 days prior to camp (administration fee may be applied) Forfeiture of full deposit/tuition when canceled w/o notice.
• Skiing in the mountains involves inclement weather; bring appropriate gear/attire. Olin/Lacasse is not responsible for lost training days.
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Payment Section
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(credit cards carry approx. $50 service fee per session; no-fee checks mail to address above)
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Medical Release for Olin/Lacasse Participants
In this segment, please provide detailed information regarding participant's medical status, Insurance information, and consent to treat agreement.
Name of participant *
Medical Insurance Company and Policy Number *
We encourage participants to carry a copy of their insurance card
Existing Medical conditions:
Please be specific
Current medications
Please alert us if participant needs help with medications
(include food allergies and any special needs)
Consent: I, parent/guardian of participant, hereby grant permission, in case of injury, to have physician or other medical personal, provide medical assistance and or treatment to said participant. *
[By inscribing, you acknowledge the terms of this Release] Signature - parent/guardian
Each participant will be expected to accept full responsibility for his/her conduct while attending Olin/Lacasse Programs and commit that his/her behavior will reflect positively on himself/herself, the Olin/Lacasse Program, and the sport of ski racing. Each participant understands that misconduct includes personal behavior that is not a compliment to himself/herself, his/her family, his/her coaches and fellow athletes. EACH PARTICIPANT UNDERSTANDS THAT ANY INFRACTION OF THE AFOREMENTIONED GUIDELINES MAY RESULT IN IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL FROM THE PROGRAM. In addition; IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL FROM THE PROGRAM WILL RESULT FROM ANY INVOLVEMENT WITH, POSSESSION, USE OR DISTRIBUTION OF ALCOHOL, DRUGS, OR TOBACCO, OR ANY OTHER RELATED DRUG PARAPHERNALIA. If participants choose to remain in a room or situation where alcohol or drugs (other than drugs prescribed for the person taking them) are being used, they will be considered to be involved and will be dismissed from the Program. TERMS OF DISMISSAL ARE AS FOLLOWS: 1) parent/guardian is notified of incident; 2) parent/guardian is responsible for making arrangements for participant’s return home immediately at the parent’s/guardian’s expense; 3) no tuition refund or any other refunds.
Signature - parent/guardian (provide date signed) *
[By inscribing, you acknowledge the terms of this Release]
Signature - camp participant (provide date signed) *
[By inscribing, you acknowledge the terms of this Release]
I/we acknowledge that the programs (“Programs”) of Olin/Lacasse Ski Racing School (“Olin/Lacasse”), including without limitation, the Olin /Lacasse Ski Camp, are filled with risks which are beyond the control of Olin/Lacasse, including, but not limited to the risk of personal injury from skiing or other sports that are part of the program. By signing this Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risks and Release from Indemnity, as parent/guardian, I am consenting to my child’s or ward’s participation in any of the Olin/Lacasse Programs and in consideration of Olin/Lacasse permitting my child or ward to participate in any of the Program, I agree to release and indemnify and hold Olin/Lacasse, its servants, agents or employees harmless from any and all claims, demands, damages or causes of action arising out of or in consequence of any loss, injury or damage to my child’s or ward’s person or property while attending or participating in any program of Olin/Lacasse.
Signature - parent/guardian (provide date signed) *
[By inscribing, you acknowledge the terms of this Release]
Signature - camp participant (provide date signed) *
[By inscribing, you acknowledge the terms of this Release]
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