ReaLife Youth Group (Ages 10-13) Sign-Up
Please fill out the form below to sign your child(ren) up for Kingdom Life Cathedral's ReaLife Youth Group which meets on Sundays from 12:45pm-1:30pm. Church membership is not required; all youth within this age group is welcomed to attend. We even have 3 other youth groups serving youth through high school. Once registered, please avail yourself for a 15 min. parent's meeting to get to know the Pastor and Director of Youth Ministry and ask any questions you may have. We want not only the children to feel connected, but for parents to feel connected and knowledge of what their children are learning and who they are learning with. This is NOT a church member recruitment and we will not ask you any personal questions about your own faith; understanding that you are free to ask us questions or join us virtually for an adult service at any time.
Child's Name and Age (List multiple children on the same form) (i.e. John age 11, Samantha age 13) *
What is your child's birthday? Month/Day (only) for each child. (i.e. Ashley- 5/8, Jordan- 1/19, Tasha- 7/15) *
Parent/Guardian Name(s) and cell number (for updates, Zoom link, & contact with Youth Leader) *
Mailing Address (From time to time we send goodies, prizes, and resources to each child at no cost. *
What are your expectations of Kingdom Life Cathedral's ReaLife youth group (ages 10-13) or its Youth Ministry as a whole? Check as many as apply. *
Allergies/Food Allergies? (If yes, please list allergens. Otherwise, please type N/A) *
*Youth will need both access to a computer and internet to participate. Devices and internet subscription are not offered by Kingdom Life Cathedral or it's Youth Ministry at this time.

*Please have children appropriately dressed (much like sending a child to school).

*Please help in the learning process by ensuring your child is in a quiet and distraction-free environment with their camera on.

*At a table, in the yard (with solid internet connection) or sitting on the couch is best. We ask as best as possible to ensure that your child is not lying in the bed to ensure everyone feels safe and appropriate.

*Youth Leader, Lady Shonda Brooks, will assist with muting and unmuting everyone's mic to keep down on noise and help little ones navigate technology.

*The Waiting Room option will be enabled. Only registered youth may attend. You only need to register one time. We encourage guests to join, and simply ask that you inform us that an invitation has been extended along with the guest's name and that the guest changes their name on their device upon entering/logging into the meet so that we can continuously ensure safety and that only those meant to be in group are present.
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