Wolf Moom Trail Sign Up
What: Wolf Moom/Buttler/Cocksmith An*lversary
When: Friday January 29th, 2021, 18:30 HST
Where: Boston Common
How Much: Free!
Who: Buttler/Cocksmith (yes - they're both Moom names)
Bag Car: No (unless a volunteer appears...?)

Unfortunately BBAG won't be appearing with wolf teeth as he did at my virgin trail an unknown number of years ago. However, ragefest of virgin spectacles will not disappoint and on top (or bottom) of that - there's not one, but *two* giveaways!

Bring your cranium covers, cranium lamps, and a mask. And bundle up buttercup, moom is always outdoor circle and the forecast is 20 deg and 10 mph winds.

Trail will be A-A’

Pack is to be fewer than 12 without a lottery or splitting. We will follow up if the interest exceeds our estimates. Exact start location will be sent to those who sign up by the morning of Friday January 29th, 2021.

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