Wrestling Test
How many weight classes are there on a high school wrestling team? *
The lightest weight class in high school is: *
The heaviest weight class is: *
A high school wrestling match is ___ minutes in length. *
How many periods in a high school match? *
Each period is ___ minutes in length. *
If you win your bout by a 5-2 decision, how many team points do you get? *
If you register a fall in the first period your team will receive how many points? *
If a fall occurs in the second period your team will receive how many points? *
If the opposing team fails to put a man on the mat you will receive how many team points? *
In order to pin your opponent you must hold both shoulder blades on the mat for ___ seconds. *
An escape is worth how many points? *
A reversal is worth how many points? *
When your opponent is injured on an illegal hold and continues the match he receives... *
When the contestants are interlocked in a position other than a pinning situation in which neither wrestler can improve his position the referee shall declare a __ *
When a wrestler is injured on a legal hold and cannot continue the result is called a ___. *
If a wrestler is injured on an illegal hold and unable to continue he will win on a ___. *
A near fall where you hold your opponent's shoulders 4 inches from the mat for two seconds results in receiving how many points? *
The final score of a match is 9-0. Wrestler A has 9 points and Wrestler B has 0. Wrestler A receives how many points? *
When a wrestler is stalling, the first given to this wrestler is ___ or how many point(s)? *
All bleeding other than the nose bleed shall be counted as injury time. *
When you perform a switch, the end result is usually a reversal. *
A sit-out turn-in is primarily a pinning hold. *
The full nelson is a legal hold. *
A wrestler who weighs in at 119 lbs (actual weight 118.5) may wrestle at 135 lbs. *
A contestant can be disqualified for continual stalling. *
A wrestler who is overweight by 1/4 lb may still wrestle. *
It is a takedown when the defensive wrestler, in his attempt to escape, comes to his feet but is brought to the mat before he can escape. *
A wrestler in the position of advantage cannot be penalized for stalling. *
If the points earned in an overtime period or tiebreaker involve a takedown or reversal straight to the back, the match shall continue until the near fall or fall situation has concluded. *
A slam occurs only when a wrestler is injured because of being brought forcibly to the mat. *
In collegiate matches, but not scholastic matches, one point can be earned for riding time. *
It is possible for a wrestler to be pinned even though he is in control. *
Overtime periods are "sudden death" in that, once points are scored, the match is over. *
Wearing of headgear is optional. *
How is it determined who gets choice of position in the second period of each individual bout in a dual meet? *
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When scoring a bout, what detail should be included if a fall occurs? *
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The symbol for a takedown in the scorebook is? *
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A technical fall is scored when a wrestler has a ___ point advantage over his opponent. *
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Failure to wrestle aggressively can result in a penalty known as ______________. *
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Who won the match above and what was the score? *
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In the second period which wrestler scored the first reversal? *
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In the third period, what happened first, the takedown or the escape? *
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How many points did the winner earn for his team? *
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