Award of the Rose
You must answer "yes" to nine of the thirteen questions below to qualify for the Award of the Rose
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Were at least six chapter meetings scheduled this year? *
Did 50% of chapter members regularly attend chapter meetings? *
Were two executive board meetings held this year? *
Was the Chapter President or her designee in attendance at the Executive Board Meeting in the fall? *
Were chapter dues submitted to the State Treasurer no later than October 31? *
Was the chapter yearbook properly submitted to the State Executive Secretary prior to December 1? *
Was a chapter newsletter submitted to the State Communications Committee by February 1? *
Did the chapter contribute to the "Members supporting Members" project in the form of a monetary donation sent to State Treasurer or by contributing a basket or item for the funding our purposes auction? *
Did chapter members or chapter activities support a state organization project: "Supporting our Educators" or "Schools for Africa"? *
Did the chapter participate in coordinating council activities OR have at least one first timer at the Fall Conference in October in Lansing? *
Is the chapter continuing to develop and/or implement its strategic plan? *
Has the chapter initiated new members since April 1 of last year? *
Has the chapter given at least one lifetime service award? *
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