Christ United Methodist Church Wireless Network User Agreement

Christ United Methodist Church of Lansdale PA, its staff, officers, and agents shall be termed as CUMC for the remainder of this agreement.

The user signing this agreement accepts the following policies regarding use of the CUMC wireless network and Internet access:

* Use of Internet and network as provided by CUMC is only permitted if the terms within this agreement are agreed and adhered to. If a person does not agree to these terms, they are not permitted to use the Internet and network as provided by CUMC.
* CUMC reserves the right to monitor, filter, block, or terminate Internet access for any or all users and/or devices at any time for any reason.
* CUMC does not guarantee functionality or availability of provided services.
* The owner of the Internet access device, such as a laptop or mobile phone, is responsible for the actions of anyone using their device. If the Internet access device is running a Windows operating system, the owner of the device is responsible to ensure that an active and up to date antivirus software package is running as well.
* CUMC does not guarantee safety or protection from viruses, malware, or other technological problems commonly associated with joining devices into a network or accessing the Internet. Use of the Internet and network as provided by CUMC is at your own risk.
* Any intentional access of illegal, explicit, or hate crime content on the Internet is prohibited. All illegal activities are prohibited and may be reported to the proper authorities.
* Any attempt to gain access to systems or devices not authorized to the user by CUMC is prohibited.
* Any failure by CUMC to enact or enforce any of these rules does not in any way mean that CUMC gives up any rights or authority to enforce these rules at a later time.
* Persons under the age of 18 must additionally have a parent or legal guardian sign this agreement.
* The password for wireless access will be given upon receipt of a signed agreement. The password will be changed quarterly. The new password will be emailed to all users who have supplied an email address with the agreement. Once per year a new agreement must be signed.

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