VCNZ notification form
Use this form to tell us about concerns you have about a vet. We can look into concerns about a vet's competence or conduct.

Before you fill in this form:
• review the Code of Professional Conduct
All vets must follow the principles in this document.
• look at our website for more information about our process
• talk to the vet about your concerns. Talking directly to that person (or the senior vet or
practice manager) may resolve your concerns.

We can't:
• look at issues that are solely about fees (these can be raised these with the Disputes
• order a vet to pay you compensation
• look into issues that don't involve a vet, eg issues about staff in clinics such as nurses,
reception staff
• look into concerns about a whole clinic in general
• look into anonymous concerns.

You need to tell us the name of the vet before we can look into your concerns. The vet will be given a copy of what you tell us.
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