Parent Club Officer and Committee Nominations 2016-17 School Year
Please indicate your areas of interest. We ask that each family volunteer in some capacity in at least TWO roles.
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These will be voted on at the May meeting. No further nominations can be made at that meeting. Please submit by Wednesday, May 25th.
Parent Club President
Shaking hands and kissing babies? You bet! Despite the title, you are just one part of the team that keeps the machine moving. Loose-end tier, i-dotter, t-crosser. Here is what is on your plate: oversee all functions of the Parent Club; oversee fundraising: Redwoods and Music Fest. Track volunteer responses (like this one!). Leadership skills, organizational skills and the ability to play well with others is helpful! Approximate time commitment 10 hours per month, give or take, obvs attendance at PC meetings is required.
Parent Club Vice President
This role is a training ground for the top dog spot. Oversees Arts Alive, Read-A-Thon, Passive Fundraising and Merchandising. Like in the real world it is assumed that the VP will eventually run for President. Attendance at PC meetings required. Skills needed are similar to those of President. Approximate time commitment 5 hours per month.
Parent Club Treasurer
Show me the money! If you are good at counting, and well QuickBooks and tax returns, we are looking for you! This is the one job that does require a certain skill set. Gotta run Quickbooks, process accounts receivable and accounts payable, prepare bank reconciliations. Use DonorSnap software to track donations and pledges. Responsible for tax return (can be outsourced) and other filings. Excluding tax return and other filings, approximate time commitment 5-10 hours per month. Attendance at PC meetings required.
Parent Club Secretary
Were you a good note taker in school? Or did you buy the used text book because it was already highlighted? If the former, this is the job for you! Minute taker and agenda poster. Manages Google calendar and updates PC handbook. Attendance at PC meetings a must. Oversees Communications Committee & Room Parent Coordinator. Some computer skills required. Attention to detail necessary. Time commitment varies depending on time of year but generally needs about 4 hours per month of your time.
These will be decided on by the current officers at the May meeting.
Finance Liaison
Have a thing for finance but not sure you want to handle the whole shebang? This is a position that you can manage from the comfort of your own couch. Responsibilities include distributing, collecting and recording the Commitment Sheets. Also includes managing any finance stuff such as cash boxes and credit card readers for onsite functions. Finance background important. Proficient use of spreadsheets necessary. Time commitment: 20 hours per year.
Communications Chairperson
Do you love searching Google images for the ultimate clip art? The communications chairperson is responsible for monthly newsletters and other correspondence via Constant Contact; updates email addresses at start of the year in Constant Contact. Responsible for maintaining website and updating Facebook page. Other items include updating the magnetic board as well as submitting relevant PC info to school newsletter. Some computer skills required. Most work can be done at home, quick turn-around time is sometimes necessary. Time commitment is approximately 4 hours per month, with attendance at the PC meetings required.
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Arts Alive Chairperson
Calling all right brain people! Arts Alive is our after school arts enrichment program held on Friday afternoons. Helpful to have 2 co-chairpersons to split the duties. The chairperson is responsible for obtaining artists for the Fall and Spring programs; managing the sign ups via Google Forms and assigns students to the classes. The chairperson is responsible for on-site management of teachers, students and pick up. Also organizes the Arts Alive Open House. Time commitment approximately 40 hours, can be split between 2 co-chairs.
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Redwoods Dinner Chairperson
Are you the hostess with the mostest or the host with the most? We are looking for a Chairperson or two or three! to organize our largest fundraiser of the year. This annual adults only dinner includes an auction (not you!) and music. The coordinator determines location and works with caterers. Responsible for decor, music, set-up, clean-up. Total time commitment approximately 50-60 hours split between 2-3 people.
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Redwoods Auction Chairperson
The Redwoods Auction Coordinator solicits donations for silent and live auction. Similar to the Dinner Chairperson, 2-3 chairpeople would be perfect. Utilizes MaestroSoft auction software, so very automated. Packages donations as needed, prints catalog, posts online and prints bid sheets. Responsible for check-out at Redwoods. Manages invitations and guest list through same software. Total time commitment: approximately 50-60 hours split between 2-3 people.
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Read-A-Thon Chairperson
In the infamous words of Dr. Seuss: "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." The chairperson will promote the Read-A-Thon, open and close the online Read-A-Thon and send periodic status updates during the two weeks it is open. Hold used book sale every two years. Event held at the end of February, beginning of March. Total time without book sale: 10 hours, with book sale: 15-20 hours.
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Room Parent Coordinator
Communicates the Parent Club messages to the room parents and teachers and encourages the room parents' attendance at PC meetings. Room Parent Coordinator and Room Parents need to promote PC initiatives and get everyone pumped up!
Music Fest Chairperson - NEW!
ROCK ON!! New this year! This fall we are transforming the Annual BBQ to a Music Fest! Local bands, food and booths on a sunny weekend in September. Chairperson would be responsible for booking talent, coordinating food and booking booths (think face painting). A dynamic duo of two chairpersons would be helpful. Total time commitment approximately 40 hours, some done during the summer.
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These will be decided on by the current officers at the May meeting.
Passive Fundraising
Organize community dinners, manage Box Tops, Amazon Smile, ThredUP and E-Scrip. Time commitment: 10 hours per year. Let the money come to you!
Library Coordinator
"My two favourite things in life are libraries and bicycles. They both move people forward without wasting anything." –Peter Golkin The Library Coordinator organizes and schedules library volunteers; manages library cards; maintains library software and issues overdue notices; purchases new books and supplies for the library. Coordinates volunteers for 2 library work days. Organizes Used Book Sale. 40 hours of time (some during the summer) for everything except the Friday library days. In addition, need volunteers for the 2.5 hours slots on Fridays for the students' library time.
Teacher Appreciation Tea Coordinator
Are you the hostess with the mostest or the host with the most, but prefer it on a smaller scale than they Redwoods? Then maybe the Teacher Appreciation Tea is up your alley. Set-up, serve and clean-up a teacher luncheon on the Friday afternoon of Teacher Appreciation week - usually in early May. Can be prepared by parents or catered. Time commitment is approximately 10 hours per year.
Room Parent
In addition to helping the teachers with class parties and field trips, you are a cheerleader for Parent Club initiatives directly into the classroom. Promote fundraisers, parties, movie nights via email and good ol' fashioned verbal communication. Responsible for coordinating with teacher on classroom art project or basket for auction. Attendance at PC meetings required. Time commitment: 15 hours per year.
Merchandising - NEW!
Now that we have a new Happy Valley logo we need more schwag! Help determine the goodies we want to sell, and well, sell them! We have hats but could use so much more! Time commitment: 10 hours per year.
CSA Coordinator
Manage the CSA distribution at the school and be the main contact with High Ground Organics. Time commitment 5 hours per year.
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