2019 Welcome to Roiii's room- APPLICATION (OVERSEAS)
◆ This reservation page is made only for foreign fans.

※ The reservation is only available when you make your reservation through this online website for foreign fans.
※ Please read carefully description of the reservation below.

◆ Tour Info
Welcome to Roiii's room
2019 Sunghoon Fan Camp

▷ TITLE : Welcome to Roiii's room
▷ Place : OAK VALLEY RESORT (Gangwondo Wonju)
▷ OAK VALLEY SITE : http://www.oakvalley.co.kr/
▷ DATE : 12nd July 2019 (Friday) – 14th July 2019 (Sunday) (2nights and 3days)
▷ CAPACITY : 300 limited (Global fans)
▷ OVERSEAS : $950.00 (USD) (per 1 person)
Round-trip transportation (chartered bus), Lodging (2 nights), Meals (4meals), Program entry fee, Souvenirs, Travel insurance, Guide fee
*Please note that 2019’s camp will only have ‘4 persons per a room’

◆ Tour Point
Tour Point -------------------------------------------------------------------------

[Day 1]
- Welcome to Roiii's room!
- Camp will be started together wearing couple pajama which is prepared by Sunghoon directly!
- 1:1 PHOTO TIME! Sunghoon and me, our memorable photo shot!

- Revealing the charms of Sunghoon that we did not know!

- 'Here he comes the romantic guy Sunghoon...' Waiting for his visit with heart beating!

[Day 2]
- Move fast! Please look forward to get a surprise gift from Sunghoon.

- Mini sports game, in this time Sunghoon and fans gets all together at the camp.

- There will be Sunghoon and also Roiii! Full of contents where can listen Sunghoon's favorite songs and Roiii's EDM performance

- Good bye high touch and ...his greetings....

[Day 3]

* Depending on the local situation, the program could be changed..

▷ Reservation: please check the reservation page for each territories.
●As Individual OR
●As Group (maximum 4 persons in a group)

▷ RESERVATION DATE : 3rd June 2019 (Monday) 05:00PM ~ 7th June (Friday) 05:00PM
▷ BOOKING NOTICE : 7th June (Friday) 06:00PM
The participant will be notified via participant’s email or mobile message in consecutive order
▷ Reservation in due period -> participants notified via email and mobile message individually -> make a payment -> confirmed
*Please note that the reservation will not be confirmed based on the order of arrival.

●Sponsor & Management : TOURTAINMENT

※ the participant could make a reservation up to the maximum of 4 people at once. (representative 1, accompany 3)
※ it is presumed that any participant are allowed to make 1 reservation only at once. Otherwise, the reservation will be revoked immediately without a prior notice.

※ Please note that we would ask the participant to provide a copy of identification for the travel insurance.
※ A teenager (under 18 years old) should submit the written consent of a guardian.

※ If you want to cancel your reservation, please note the Cancellation period & Cancellation charge as below.
(Please check the cancellation period and the penalty fee which could be applied to you)
- 21 days before the tour schedule : 10% cancellation penalty
- 14 days before the tour schedule : 50% cancellation penalty
- 7 days before the tour schedule : 70% cancellation penalty
- 5 days before the tour schedule : 80% cancellation penalty
- 3 days before the tour schedule : 90% cancellation penalty
- 2 days before the tour schedule : No refund

※ According to privacy laws, we put great stress on protecting individual privacy. We make a great effort to ensure the privacy security of participants. Please allow us your consent after read the followings carefully.

1. Collection and use of personal information
- 2019 Welcome to Roiii's room reservation task

2. Information to be collected
- Items: Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number, e-mail address, a copy of passport

3. Limitation of using the information
- Personal information collected for the 2019 Welcome to Roiii's room will be only limited to the Camp concerned from the date of your consent and will not be used for any other object.

4. If the person does not agree with the contents above, the participant will be considered to not intent to participate 2019 Welcome to Roiii's room .

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