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Job Description - Engagement Editor
Engagement Editor will be responsible for the University Star’s social media platforms. The engagement editor will be responsible for updating posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram everyday/multiple times a week. Engagement Editor will coordinate posts with section editors.

· Must be present at all production meetings.

· Be present at monthly staff meetings.

· Hold office hours for a minimum of 12 hours per week Tuesday through Friday.

· Assist managing editor in posting online articles to the website.

· Copyedit all content before it is posted online.

· Maintain the University Star’s branding through its online presence and interact respectfully with followers.

· Be on call for breaking news and ready to post.

· Provide consistent social media content across all platforms.

· Manage social media accounts and DO NOT delegate to other staff members.

· Collaborate with multimedia editor and design editor to provide videos and graphics catered to social media.

· Assist with contest entries as needed.

· Required to attend bi-weekly all-staff meetings.

· Ensure all content meets the highest standards of journalistic ethics.

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