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A $50 deposit is required when requesting private and semi-private lessons in order to secure your spot. The deposit is credited to your account and is only refundable if we cannot accommodate your request. Full tuition balance is due the first day of private/semi-private lessons. No refunds or credits will be given to students who miss or drop lessons after the first day. The POD requires a 24 notice for cancellations of private lessons in order to reschedule. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ THE REST OF THE PRIVATE LESSON FORM LOCATED ON THE TEAM PAGE BEFORE FILLING OUT THIS FORM!

IMPORTANT: We may only have a limited number of lesson spots for the 2021-2022 season. Priority is given to Seniors, returning soloists, other TEAM dancers and those who register early. You must be taking at least a 45 minute PERFORMANCE class during the school year or be on team to be eligible for private lessons (except for technique only).
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What school is your child attending in 2021-2022?
What is the earliest your child could GET TO THE STUDIO? Arrival time not lesson time. Be specific if it's different on different days.
Are you OK with a Saturday lesson? These lessons are usually not every Sat and are 45 min instead of 30. If your child is already taking classes on Sat, please list those as well.
What type of private lesson are you requesting. Please fill out a separate form for each request
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What is the GOAL of this private lesson?
Style- Select one or more. If you select more than one, the final decision will be left to the teacher. You may also suggest music but that too is the decision of the teacher.
Do you have a partner/partners in mind? Please list them below- first and last name. They must also fill out this form and list YOU on their forms.
Other notes for the scheduler?
If your child is invited to KICK or another small/large group does this change your request?
If your child is invited to Ballet Intensive does this change your request?
A $50 deposit is required to hold your request spot. How would you like to pay for this deposit?
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