Hastings Area School System Facility Improvement Survey
Would you support a bond proposal at this time? *
If no or maybe, please tell us why you feel this way?
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What would you support on a new bond proposal? *
Do you feel the District should have fundraisers to address any of these needs? *
What ideas do you have for fundraisers to help our facility needs?
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A new law allows us to ask for sinking funds to support technology. This would allow us to buy technology resources without interest on those purchases. Would you support a sinking fund for technology? *
Which repairs should we address with our current sinking fund? (The current sinking fund is approximately $585,000 per year for the next 6 years. It can only be used for repairs approved by the State. The sum of the projects listed above is approximately $11,000,000.) Select a maximum of 3 items. *
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