Ward 6 Secondary Suites Questionnaire
Calling all Ward 6 residents!

During the campaign and since my election, I have heard many Ward 6 residents express their concerns about secondary suites.

This questionnaire is an opportunity for you to express your opinion and provide input, especially as City Council moves towards reforming the current secondary suite system. As many Councillors are seeking solutions related to this issue, your opinion is needed!

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In what community do you live? *
1. Does City Council spend too much time, not enough time, or a satisfactory amount of time dealing with secondary suites? *
2. How would you rate City Council's current handling of the secondary suite issue? *
3. Would you be in support or opposed to the blanket rezoning of R-1, R-C1, and R-C1L properties? *
4. Are you aware of any City Council approved secondary suites in your community? *
5.Are you aware of any illegal secondary suites in your community? *
6.Would you be in support of secondary suites if the homeowner lived on the property? *
7.Would you be in support or opposed to secondary suites if they were prohibited in cul-de-sacs, or on properties that do not have back lanes? *
8.Of the concerns listed below, what is the main concern you have with secondary suites? *
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