Nutcracker Audition Online Registration 2017
Please complete in full. This is MOST LIKELY to go through on a laptop than a cell phone!!!

Open Nutcracker open auditions will take place at Alabama Youth Ballet Studio on August 26th. The audition times are staggered so please come at your age group time as seen below:
7-8 year olds ARRIVE between 1:30 *Will go upstairs to dance 2:00
9-10 year olds ARRIVE between 2:00 *Will go upstairs to dance 2:20
11-12 year olds ARRIVE between 2:30 *Will go upstairs to dance at 3:10
Teens- Adults ARRIVE between 3:00 *Will go upstairs to dance 3:25
Latecomers - ARRIVE NO LATER THAN 3:30
Anyone who cannot make their above time * Will go upstairs to dance 3:45
'When you have completed your online registration please PRINT out the record showing this and proceed directly to the measuring station at auditions. When you get to the registration station have them look up your registration online before moving on to the next station.

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