Please Don't Pet Me℠ Photo Use Permission
This form is to grant Please Don't Pet Me℠ permission to use photos that you post, on our Facebook page. If you don't wish to post photos on our Facebook page, but have photos you'd like to share, you can e-mail them to

Be assured that photos used with permission by Please Don't Pet Me℠, for any purpose, will be used in a manner that is consistent with our mission statement and will always be used in a respectful fashion.

Always confirm that you have permission to use photos that do not belong to you, photos that others and/or their service dogs appear in or photos that were taken by professional photographer, before granting us permission to use them.

Your full name, as it is displayed on Facebook: *
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Your name, as you would like it to appear when credit is given to the person who submitted the photo. *
Credit may not be always given to the person who submitted the photo, unless you note that credit must be given. If you submit a photo of a service dog who is not your own or of another service dog team, please note who appears in the photo. Photographers may require that credit is given to them when their photos are used, so be sure to communicate this to us if this applies to your photo(s)
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Your service dog's name and gender: *
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Any additional information you'd like to provide about your partnership with your service dog:
This can be information like: Which program trained your service dog, how long you have been partnered together, an interesting story about your service dog or anything else you'd like to share, which may be included with your photos.
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Does Please Don't Pet Me℠ have your permission to use photos you post to the Please Don't Pet Me Facebook page for our website and educational material, like pamphlets, videos, online infographics, etc.? *
Please be sure that you have permission to use the photo if it does not belong to you, was taken by a professional photographer or if others/other service dogs appear in the photo.
Does Please Don't Pet Me℠ have your permission to use photos you submit on goods, other than purely educational materials, that are sold for fund raising? *
Please Don't Pet Me℠ operates a shop on CafePress and occasionally may use other sources to design products that will be sold to raise funds to offset the costs associated with supporting our mission statement, like producing and shipping educational material, transportation to and from educational demonstrations/professional training workshops, as well as routine operating costs like maintaining our website. Please note that owners of photos will not be compensated for the use of their photos on goods used for fund raising, unless explicitly indicated otherwise.
Does Please Don't Pet Me℠ have your permission to alter your photo to make it more suitable for a specific use? *
This may includ adding filters or effects to stylize the image in a manner that is relevant to the context it will be used in. Please be aware that if we are to use your images, it is always possible that we may make minor edits, like cropping images, altering their sizes and adjusting the brightness or vividness of color under any circumstances. This question is not asking permission to make minor edits, but rather significant alterations to the image. When submitting a photo that we have permission to use, please be sure to indicate if we do not have permission to make even minor alterations to an image.
Does Please Don't Pet Me℠ have your permission to add our own watermark to your image(s)? *
A watermark is a discrete, yet noticeable "stamp" that is added to an image to indicate ownership, copyright or credit. It can be done in a manner that is easily seen but does not significantly interfere with the appearance of the image. There are two reasons we may choose to add our own watermark to your image: 1. To spread the word about Please Don't Pet Me℠ and bring others to our website or Facebook page. 2. To prevent unscroupulous parties from using images of service dogs on their own websites or in their own material. We can still give credit to the owner of the photo/photographer, if you request that we do so. Examples of the text we may add as a watermark is the URL of our website, The URL of our Facebook page or "Please Don't Pet Me℠" We would likely only add a watermark to images that we use on our website, in an info graphic or other digital forms of the image that allow others the opportunity to save it to their computers or share on other websites, including Facebook.
Does Please Don't Pet Me℠ have your permission to use your images as the cover photo for our Facebook page and/or Facebook group? *
This is the large photo that appears at the top of our Facebook page or group.
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