School Days According to Humphrey-
Chapter 6 "Shake, Wiggle, Spin"
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Aldo, the night custodian stops by for a visit and talks about his biology course with Humphrey... He is studying to become a teacher. What would you like to learn more about at school ?
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Humphrey is paying close attention to the problems and situations happening in room 26 among the new students... If you were helping Humphrey which problem or problems do you think need to be handles first? What do you think should be done to help these students?
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What do you think the students in Miss Becker's room have in all those boxes on the back table?
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Venn Diagram
Use the link provided at to create a Venn Diagram comparing Og and Humphrey using information Aldo shared from his biology course or from other things you know about amphibians and mammals.
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