Apra Indiana StrengthsFinder Workshop Series
Join Apra Indiana for a new professional development series in 2021 to explore your top Strengths and learn how to apply your greatest talents in your everyday life. Please contact Stephanie Brouwer at sbrouwer@marian.edu with any questions! Once you complete this form, you will be contacted by an Apra Indiana board member with additional information.
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Have you previously taken the StrengthsFinder assessment and have access to at least your top 5 Strengths? Note- Gallup is able to find your results if you provide them the email address you used to take the assessment. Please email sbrouwer@marian.edu with any questions. *
If you have never taken the Strengths assessment, how would you like to pay for the code? Note - it is $19.99 for your top 5 results, and $49.99 for the full 34 results. *
If you do already have your top 5 Strengths results, are you interested in upgrading to see your top 34 results? *
Are you able to attend the mandatory kickoff session on Wednesday, February 3, 2021 from 11am to 12pm EST? *
NOTE- Please make sure to complete your registration by clicking on the following link for the Zoom series: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAtdOGsqDksHNcqYDTgPQsxNc6OyXGs2i_e
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