UC Fall 2017- Leaders in Training Application
Fill this out and let us know where you would like to serve in the UC this year. Leaders in Training is a group of UCers that meet Sunday night @ 8pm in the Suite 1600 of the Student Union to receive training in Basic Christianity, preparing UC events, leading Bible Studies, and have the desire to serve on the UC Student Leadership Team as future Interns. Attendance each week is not required but is taken into consideration when choosing our Leaders for Fall 2018.
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What is your Major and why did you pick it?
Why do you desire to be a leader at the UC?
What leadership experiences in church or school do you have?
What ministry or event at the UC would you most like to help with and why?
Check the area in which you have the greatest interest in serving.
Check another area you have an interest in serving?
List any creative ideas or ministries you would like to see the UC do?
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