REAL (Racial Equity and Learning) Story Sharing
This form is to collect one of your stories about your experience with race and/or racism in the Northampton Public School (NPS) Community. By story, we mean anything and everything that comes to mind. Your experiences, your observations, your thoughts, your visions; tellings of resistance, racism, whiteness, solidarity—we’re interested in all of it. As far as length, it might be a single sentence or much longer.

The overall mission of REAL is to support our school community through ongoing development and implementation of intentionally anti-racist culture and practices, in part through story collection. Our core group is composed of teachers, students and parents across the district. Please see more information at our website:

These stories will be treated with respect and care, and your names will never be connected to these stories unless you give permission.
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If you are comfortable, please share some of the ways in which you and your family identify (race, ethnicity, gender, culture, religion, sexual orientation, etc).
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