Line 3 Legal Defense Fund Funding Request Form
The Line 3 Legal Defense Fund is here to support water protectors who have risked arrest in the fight against Line 3. Please request funds from us if you have spent your own money as you move through the court process. We will support things like hotel, transportation, or gas reimbursements for traveling to court, organizing expenses, or other legal fees associated with your case. Currently, we are NOT paying for attorneys fees - your attorney should apply for funding via the Center for Protest Law and Litigation. Please reach out with any questions or concerns - either we can help you, or we can point you in the right direction. You can reach us at

Update 12/6/22: There are updated guidelines below on the amount of money we can provide per category, per in-person hearing. As we are a volunteer-run grassroots organization with limited capacity, and with the fight against Line 3 no longer receiving broad attention, we want to be realistic about our ability to fundraise long-term. We encourage you to think carefully about whether you have access to resources outside of the Legal Fund, and we ask that if you do have access to other means, that you tap those sources first. We want to make sure we can support you all. We also want to be clear on the kind of support we are equipped to offer in order to help you make informed decisions about your case.

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Guidelines (exceptions will be discussed! If you’re traveling for a multi-day trial and foresee having multiple expenses that are higher than what this list can accommodate, please contact us in advance. We are happy to work with you.)

Travel to court:  $400 max.

(This could be used for: Gas, help buying plane tickets, help with car repairs, train/bus/etc).

Lodging: $200 max.

Fines and Fees: Whatever the cost of the fine or fee is.

Defendant Organizing/In-Person Court Support: $100 max.

(Amounts are per in-person hearing. These guidelines apply both to defendants and witnesses/those required to give testimony. This does not apply to those who are attending court solely as supporters).

Please briefly explain your request. (This is just helpful information for us to have, not an evaluation of the validity of your request). *
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