Ten Ethical Dilemmas: What Would You Do?
Wednesdays 7-9 (Starting February 1st) -
Together we’ll discuss sticky situations that challenge our assumptions and explore Jewish and contemporary ideas on issues including Jewish responsibility for other communities, offensive speech, the environment, money, family and dating. We will meet Wednesdays from 6-8pm at Rabbi Getzel’s home in Harvard Square and also gather together for a group Shabbat dinner. Classes are open and free for anyone with a Harvard affiliation (Undergrads, Grad Students,Fellows, etc).

Our classes will be:
1. Bystanders and Upstanders: Caring for Us, Caring for the Other
2. Does Freedom of Speech Include the Right to Offend?
3. Swipe Right: Ethics of Dating in the Information Age
4. Modern Jewish Family: Inmarriage, Interfaith, Inner Conflict
5. Eating for the Earth: Must I Buy Local and Organic?
6. High Stakes: Where do we draw the line?
7. Parent trap: Am I Required to Honor My Parents?
8. Hacks and Leaks: Who Has Privacy?
9. You Are What You Buy: Big Box Stores and Fast Fashion
10. Student Debt: Forgive and Forget?

Eser on Campus consists of ten group learning sessions, including one Shabbat meal. Eser is for students from all backgrounds.

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