School Improvement Survey - Family Perspective
Certain characteristics of a school can affect student learning. This survey asks for your views about our school so we can improve and provide the best possible education for your child.

It will take you approximately 5-10 minutes to respond to the following statements and questions about the school.

Please respond honestly to each statement. All responses will be anonymous and remain confidential. Participation is voluntary, and your responses will only be used to try to help improve our school's efforts to help our students.
School (Please try and use this school when referring to the majority of questions.) *
Overall Satisfaction
Very good
I would rate this school as:
I also have a student in the following school(s).
Highland Primary
Taylor Elementary
Snowflake Intermediate
Taylor Intermediate
Junior High
High School
Select all that apply.
Think about the main school listed above as you read each statement below. Then select the option that best describes how much you agree with that statement.
Don't Know
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
The school has a clearly defined purpose and mission.
I support the goals of the school.
The school communicates its goals effectively to families & the community.
My child understands what needs to be learned.
Schoolwork is meaningful, relevant, and engaging.
Teachers use appropriate teaching strategies.
Teachers make adjustments to meet individual student's needs.
Teachers do whatever it takes to help my child meet high academic standards
Students receive specific information about the quality of work they do.
The school contacts the families of students who are struggling academically.
There is frequent, two-way communication between school staff and families.
School staff listens carefully when I express my opinions and concerns.
General Perceptions:
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
The school front office is welcoming and helpful.
The teachers treat all students with respect.
The teachers are professional in their instruction.
The teachers are professional in their interactions with students.
The administration is welcoming and helpful.
The administration is professional in their interactions with students and parents.
The school is focused on student learning and achievement.
The school is always looking for ways to improve teaching instruction and student learning.
My student feels safe at school and in his/her learning environment.
The teachers assign the appropriate amount of work.
My child rarely has homework.
0 - 30 min.
30 min. - 1 hr.
1 - 2 hrs.
2 - 3 hrs.
3 hrs +
How much time does your child spend on homework on a nightly basis?
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
I receive information on what I can do to help my student at home.
I receive information about Parent Teacher Conferences.
I receive information about school events.
I receive updates from the teacher on my child's progress.
I receive information about school safety issues.
The school/district provides information about school and district improvement efforts.
The school provides information about school or local services to support my child's learning or behavioral needs.
How frequently do you use the School/District Website to:
I Don't Have Access to the Internet/Computer
Seldom to never
Monthly or Bi-Weekly
Check for School Events
Get on Family Link to Check Grades
Get help from teacher sites
Check for resources to help your child at home
Find general information about the school.
What is/are the best way(s) to communicate with you/or family about school events? *
School Messenger Emails/Texts/ Phone Calls
Teacher or School Emails
Notes or Contact from the Teacher
School Website
School Marquee
Select top three
Which Parent Teacher Conference did you attend last year?
October's P/T Conference
March's P/T Conference
Choose one
Parent Involvement
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
This school offers opportunities for parents to be involved.
The school communicates how to be involved as a parent.
I know how to become involved in school activities/events as a parent.
I would like more information about:
How to get involved in activities.
How to volunteer in classrooms (when needed)
Any qualifications to be a volunteer.
How to participate more in the school's PTSO or Site Council.
School Issues. Improvements, and Updates
How to share my opinions or suggestions.
Available resources and strategies to help my child at home.
Additional Comments or Concerns: Please use this space to add any specific comments about your child's school or about the other schools in the district. (Please identify the school if different from above.)
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