Inspection Form 2019-2020
For Use by Department Presidents and Region Presidents:

Complete this form with ALL UNITS within your jurisdiction in the Military Order of the Purple Heart Auxiliary (MOPHA).

Completion of this form may be done by phone or in person with the Unit President and Inspector.
*Note that a member may not inspect her/his own Unit.
**Note: New questions have been added to get a better idea of the state of Units. Please let us know of the issues and struggles you face.

For additional questions or assistance, contact the National Senior Vice President (SVP), Amanda Flener 229-325-8106 or

A copy of your repossess will be emailed to you upon completion.
Email address *
Unit Number *
When does the Unit Meet? (Day and Time) *
Where does the Unit Meet? *
Does the Unit meet jointly with the Chapter? *
Did your Unit file the IRS 990N & forward copy with Finance Report to the National Treasurer? *
What is the average attendance at meetings? *
Do you have a copy of your current roster? Rosters can be requested from National Membership Officer, Tara Waugh at *
How many meetings did your Unit have in the last 12 months?
Does your Unit take advantage of digital meetings or members phoning in? *
Does your Unit struggle to get a quorum? (A quorum is 5 members of your Unit) *
Are all Unit checks signed & countersigned? IF "NO" Please explain why next section. *
If "no" to above, please explain:
Do the trustee(s) audit the books for the treasurer and secretary at least twice per year with once being before the election of new officers? *
Are officers and their contact information listed on the Installation Report current *
For your annual reports due May 15th each year, does the Unit have the following Chairpersons? Check all that apply: *
Did the Unit participate in a Viola Drive? *
Did the Unit participate in a Viola Drive with the Chapter? *
How are funds raised for service work? *
Did the Unit utilize a request of funds from the HOV (Helping Our Veterans) Program? *
What noteworthy Projects and Activities are the Unit and/or Members participating in? *
Which of the following are present at Unit Meetings? (Check all that apply) *
Does the Unit have the following items: *
Does the Unit send notice of meeting and minutes to members via email? *
If "Yes" to sending out email to members, HOW MANY MEMBERS do you send email to?
Does National have your email list so they can directly send General Orders Newsletters to all members? If not, please send to
Clear selection
How often do you contact members without email? *
Does the Unit President/Secretary inform members of Auxiliary news from Department and National? *
Do you have concerns about the future of your Unit? *
Additional Comments (optional):
Name and title of Inspector (i.e. Jane Doe, Department of California President) *
Email of Inspector *
Phone of Inspector
Unit President *
Email of Unit President *
Submitting this form will send it automatically to the National SVP. You will get email confirmation of your submission.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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