Dogs XL Adoption Questionnaire
Please note: Rescue dogs MUST be indoor animals only, must be spayed/neutered, and must be returned to DOGS XL if an adoption does not work out for any reason. If you are seeking a small or medium size dog, we would be happy to refer you to a partner rescue that specializes in smaller breeds.
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(Please provide the name on the veterinary record if it differs from your current name.) PLEASE CALL YOUR VET TO AUTHORIZE PERMISSION TO SHARE INFORMATION ABOUT PETS' MEDICAL RECORDS WITH DOGS XL.
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(If you have travel plans, a personal or work obligation, or other life event in the near future, please select "Other" and write in the specific date after which you are available to bring home a dog. If you are unable to bring a new dog home for at least 2 months, please DO NOT submit an application now. Contact us when you are ready to bring home a dog and we would be happy to help you at that time.)
Interested in Particular Dog
We make every effort to respond to applications within five days of submission, but we are an all volunteer rescue group. Sometimes it may take up to two weeks before you are contacted by an adoption coordinator. We appreciate your patience and cooperation with our volunteers. If you have not received an email from a Dogs XL Adoption Coordinator within one week of submitting an application, please email
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