Changing the Oak Meadow HOA Covenants
The Board has been working these past few months on reviewing our covenants now that the developer no longer has an interest in our Association. We will need to update the covenants to reflect this. We would like your input on any other changes you would like to see in the covenants. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey to tell us what is important to you. Any changes must be approved by 60% or more of our members.

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1. Would you like to change the covenants?
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2. If consensus is to move ahead with updating the covenants, what is important to you? Here is a list of current restrictions that some members have expressed interest in changing. Please click all that you may be interested in changing.
3. For all items you checked in question 2, please explain what change you would like the membership to consider.
4. What other items should be in our Covenants? Please list your concerns with a one sentence description for each.
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