VCI Language Service Agency Document Translation Service Request

1. Complete and submit the service request form. The form is automatically emailed to the VCI staff once you click on the submit button

2. The VCI staff will be in contact with you with 24 hours of receiving the request and contact you by email.

3. The VCI staff  will reply by email and provide you with next steps and the cost of the translation.

4.Once VCI has received the original documents (Word format only) to be translated, please allow 72 hours for short (500 words or less) simple documents to be completed. Long documents (over 500 words) and complex terminology will be assessed and a completion timeline will be provided.

5.Email documents to be translated must be emailed to

Thank you for using VCI to meet your language service needs.
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Please only include FIVE documents for each request form completed, if you have more than 5 documents, use a separate form to complete your request.
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