Consultation for vegan entrepreneurs
Between now and mid-April, I'm offering a one-hour "pay what you like" consultation session for entrepreneurs who run entirely vegan businesses.

I started out as a social media strategist in Singapore, and have since made a living through freelance writing, social entrepreneurship, digital consulting and travel blogging. I believe in the power of social media, blogging and SEO for small businesses with tight budgets. And as a passionate vegan, I want nothing more than vegan businesses to thrive!

What I can advise you on:

- Your overall social media strategy
- How to grow your reach on Instagram / Twitter
- Engaging content ideas
- Website content and basic SEO
- Blogging ideas
- Critical reviews of vegan products / services
- Case studies relevant to your work

How does this work?

You can book an appointment slot on this calendar:

The consultation session will happen over Whatsapp / Skype, and last for one hour.

Please fill the form below in as much detail as possible, so I can familiarize myself with your work and challenges, and we can start discussing solutions and ideas right away.

At the end of the consultation, I'll send you a link to "pay what you like". All funds will be channeled towards a cow rescue sanctuary in Goa.

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