2019/2020 Off Campus Housing Application
All full-time Bethany College students are required to live in campus housing unless they meet one of the following criteria.
1. Age 24 or older (by Sep. 1)
2. Plan to live with a parent or legal guardian within Salina or Mcpherson Counties
3. Have full or partial custody of a dependent child (as defined by federal regulations)
4. Are currently married (paperwork required)
5. Are a veteran with at least 1 year of active duty service
6. Have a health concern that makes living in any on campus housing impossible*
7. Financial based concerns**

*Health concerns must be documented with a note from a doctor and will be evaluated by a committee
**Financial contingency will be reviewed by a committee for approval

If you do not meet one of the criteria, you can appeal in the space provided below.

There are NO guarantees your application or appeal will be accepted.

Certain criteria require paperwork before they are approved. Please email that paperwork to waughaj@bethanylb.edu or mail it to the Student Development Office 335 E Swensson Street, Lindsborg KS, 67456.

Returning students must reapply to live off campus for each school year.

Any student living off campus may have their financial aid adjusted. Please talk with the Office of Financial Aid to figure out how your aid might be adjusted before submitting the off campus housing registration.

Be reminded that it is the student’s responsibility to make sure the application is approved before signing a lease, as having signed a lease does not qualify as a special circumstance.

All off campus applications MUST be submitted by August 1 or within 7 days of acceptance for late enrollees.

Again, applying to live off campus is NOT a guarantee that you will be approved to live off campus.

Personal Information
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Last Name *
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Academic Term *
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Off-Campus Qualification(s) *
Appeal Section-Please provide more information for your situation if you feel the qualification section does not totally explain your situation.
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*Health concerns
Health concerns must be documented with a note from a doctor and will be evaluated by a committee
**Financial concerns
Financial contingency will be reviewed by a committee for approval
Emergency Contact Information
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Emergency Contact Relationship to You *
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Second Emergency Contact Name *
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I hereby authorize Bethany College to contact the individuals listed above in case of a medical/mental health emergency *
Meal Plan Selection
All meal plans must be in place by the first day of classes each semester, after which changes are not permitted. You may elect to change your meal plan between semesters.

All meals begin each week Monday morning at breakfast. Students can use meals for any meal during the week until they have used their allotment for the week.

Promotions and special meals the caf provides may come at an additional cost.

Meal plans do not include time when classes are not in session from holidays and summer break.

Meal Plan Options *
Important Residence Hall Dates
Fall Pre-Season Halls Open: August 9
*ONLY applies to Pre-Season athletes
Freshman Students Only Halls Open: August 16
Halls Open for Everyone: August 18
Thanksgiving Break, Halls Close: November 22
Thanksgiving Break, Halls Open: December 1
Christmas Break, Halls Close: December 13
2019 Interterm, Halls Open: January 5
Spring Semester, Halls Open: January 26
Spring Break Halls Close: March 20
Spring Break, Halls Open: March 29
Summer Vacation, Halls Close: May 15
Graduating Seniors, Halls Close: May 17

Please note that NO Early Arrivals will be accepted in the Residence Halls.

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