Initial Self-Reflection (CMP)
Greetings fellow servant of the Lord!  Your short but thoughtful answers will help me best understand where you're coming from and what you're hoping for when it comes to preaching.  Don't worry about making your answers pretty -- just lay it out there.  I'd like to be a safe space/encourager for you throughout this process.  I look forward to our shared journey. -adam
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What prompted you to reach out to a preaching coach?  
Tell me about your preaching context -- church style, congregational culture, trajectory, growth/decline, etc.
Describe your typical sermon preparation method (not what you hope for, but what actually happens each week)
Where do you believe your preaching could use the most attention?  What do you think we need to work on together?
How do you typically feel after preaching?
What seems to resonate best with your congregation?  What seems to really connect with your people?  
Besides working together on preaching, how can I best serve you in this process?  
How would you rate your general outlook in ministry? *
Ready to bail!
Strong sense of God's call
How would you rate your current preaching skill?
Help me!
Pretty solid, just looking to keep growing
Clear selection
When it comes to prep work for our sessions, which learning methods work best for you?
Would you rather meet in person or via Zoom?  (Depending on geography, of course)
Have you read any books on preaching?  Which ones? Were they helpful?
I'm here to help you develop your unique preaching style.  I commit to praying for you regularly during our season together.  Is there anything else I should know or could pray about?
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