TooMuchWifi Staffing Referral
This is a form for referring someone else to our organization. If *you* would like to apply to TooMuchWifi, please do so here :

Our most important asset is our people - they are committed to our organization's vision, embody our values and communicate to customers on our behalf.

We feel so strongly about our people, that we are willing to give anybody that refers us to a terrific addition to our staff, R1000 as a thank you for making us better.

We commit to responding to 100% of complete referrals - if you feel like we have failed to communicate with your referral (or you for more information if you've asked for it) within 2 business days, you may follow up with our team via

What to expect:
Completing this referral will take you about 5 minutes to complete. If you've taken the time to refer this person, we'll make the effort of getting back to your referral, and giving them the opportunity to apply.

If that person is hired as a permanent employee and works for TooMuchWifi for more 90 days, we will pay you R1000, or award your TooMuchWifi Wallet with R1200 or give you 150 GB of data.
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