Call for Artists: Se aculilló? | Groundhog Day
SUBMISSIONS DUE 11:59 PM on January 19th

Se aculilló? | Groundhog Day
February 1 – February 4

Curated by Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sánchez

Trade Pop-Up
34 Governor Street
Providence, RI 02906

Opening February 1, 2018 | 6 PM – 9 PM


SE ACULILLÓ? : GROUNDHOG DAY is a continuation of the SE ACULILLÓ? series started in October at AS220’s Resident Gallery featuring Luna Ayala, Linda Behar, Saulo Castillo, Leandro Castro, Kat Chavez, Tamara Diaz, Snake Eyes, Orlando Hernández, Rica Maestas, José Menendez, and Kendall Rivera-Lane.

The phrase, "Se aculilló?," is a Colombian taunt that roughly translates to, “Are you scared?” More literally, Se aculilló? refers to a sensation of the body clenching up or curling inward in fear — a sensation specifically located in the ass.

SE ACULILLÓ? : GROUNDHOG DAY is a weekend pop up exhibit at TRADE POP-UP responding to fears associated with Groundhog Day.

According to the tradition, if it is cloudy when a groundhog emerges from its burrow on Groundhog Day, then the spring season will arrive early, some time before the vernal equinox. If, instead, it is sunny, the groundhog will see its shadow and retreat back into its den, and winter weather will persist for six more weeks.

Examples of fears associated with Groundhog Day could be fear of a long winter, fear of seasonal depression, fear of human-created climate change and its on-going disasters, fear of expectations, fear of the foreclosure of possibilities (the groundhog only has two options: it sees its shadow, or it doesn't)


All mediums, including performance/live arts, will be considered.

Strong consideration for Black artists, Indigenous artists, LGBTQAI artists, and artists who have been marginalized or disenfranchised from traditional presentations of art.

Given that the exhibit will take place over a limited time (a single weekend only), video, live art, and work with minimal installation needs will be given preference.

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