iMenzies Customer Feedback
The iMenzies website is clear and clutter free, Easy to use and navigate. *
I find the notification confirmations time consuming to check. *
I keep up to date by checking Newspaper and Magazine information and customer headline in the news section on the website. *
My Business has benefited from being able to self-manage my supplies. *
I trust that when i make alterations to supplies that all are submitted successfully into the system. *
I trust that when i query my credits all transactions are submitted successfully into the system. *
Using the iMenzies website i spend less time managing my account than i do calling into the customer service centre *
The iMenzies website provides all the facilities i need to self-manage my account to conclusion. *
If we were to enhance our online service, from the following options please rate in order which you would find most beneficial to your business. *
Stock availability (Non live news)
Delivery claim update
Visibility of back order book
Daily distribution update information
Any other suggestions?
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