Obscure Entertainment Freelancer Network
Tampere, Finland based film and commercial production company Obscure Entertainment is always eager to know about fresh talent in all fields of audio visual production. We can not guarantee you work but encourage you to fill out your details whether you're interested in finding an internship, freelance work or a more constant position.

In gathering up this network, we aim to not only know about people willing to work for us but also being able to help other companies and associates in finding passionate and eager people looking for work. This means, naturally, that if you fill out the form, you also grant us permission to pass out your details to a possible third party interested in finding employees.

By NO means will we EVER spam you or share your contact details with advertisers of any sort. The sole purpose of this network is for connecting employees with employers and vice versa.

Please write down your details in English as we aim for a global network of professionals.

Basic Information
General information about yourself.
First Name: *
We all have it...
Last Name: *
Sex: *
No, your name might not suggest the right one.
Date of Birth: *
Trust us; you will get caught if you lie on this one.
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Contact Details
Means of contacting you in case something comes up.
Phone: *
Just the number, not the make and model. Don't forget to include the country code.
E-Mail: *
If you don't know how much you need one, you're in the wrong place.
Yes, your own website. Not a blog about your puppy.
Skype ID:
Cheaper than calling abroad, isn't it?
Not necessary but a way to check out your mugshot. There, we said it.
Who needs more connections?
What are you good at, i.e. what type of work are you looking for?
Willing to Work as: *
Don't overdo it, please. Choose the one(s) you have mad skillz in.
Latest Work: *
Describe some of your latest work. No jibber-jabber; keep it short and simple.
Special Skills:
Jousting, fantasy football, crochet - the things that might make you more interesting in reference to the work you're willing to do.
List of schools you went to.
School / Programme / Degree / Graduation Year *
Again, short and simple. No need to go on and on about those courses in home economics.
Detailed Employment Information
In case something comes up, we'd like to know more about your capabilities.
Able to Work: *
Are you a house mouse or do you know how to pack a bag?
Ability to Invoice for Your Work: *
We like paying bills. No, really - we do.
Driver's License: *
State the types of licenses you have. That motorcycle license could come in handy, who knows?
Response Time:
Getting off the couch takes more time for some people. Not conclusive but ultimately handy.
Owned Equipment:
Own a car? Good for you. Own a bike? Even better. Maybe a camera? Wow.
Owned Software Licences:
See, being able to work solely at home is not that bad. Nerdy, perhaps - but not bad.
Freedom of Speech
Last chance to stand out from the crowd, this is.
Short Bio: *
The story of your (unquestionably) interesting life and deeds in as few words as possible.
Other Interests:
That lifelong dream of becoming the first AD to always ride a horse on set might just be the game changer here.
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