Six Ten Hair Studio Stylist Application
We use this form as a pre-screen to our interview process. Please know, all information shared below is confidential and handled discreetly.
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How many years do you have of ACTIVE behind the chair experience?
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What do you specialize in?
What are somethings you don't enjoy doing BTC?
What color lines are you comfortable working with?
We are open M,W,Th 10-8, T 9-8, F 9-6, S 9-5. What, if any are your limitations inside of these hours?
How many hours a week are you looking to work?
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Why are you looking for a new salon home?
Are you interested in more than one role at STHS? i.e. Leadership or Inventory?
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What are your strengths BTC? (we are looking for more than physical skill here, what makes you a great team mate?)
What would you consider as a fault of yours? (again, looking for more than physical skill, what qualities make you not the best team mate?)
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