Faraday Platform questions
Expected burden: 10 minutes

It's OK to skip questions if they are not your area of expertise. It takes all kinds.

Please do state assumptions, and feel free to go out on a limb.
How would you like to be identified? (name, email, etc)
Do you have any funny stories about distributed systems failing?
What programming language is the industry moving toward or away from, why, and are you happy about it?
What's a useful SQL feature you use? Something that makes you happy every time you see it work?
Let's say we want to automatically deploy branches from Github Pull Requests, so that developers can test their work at https://branchname.app.faraday.io. How might you do this?
You're building an SDK to reveal the wonders of Faraday to the world. What's a good example to follow? Would you do REST or GraphQL or both?
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