The Hive Experiment U.Prototype Bootcamp Application Form
We are excited that you are considering applying to join us!

Before you apply we want to let you know that admission to The Hive Experiment U.Prototype Bootcamp is a selective process based on six criteria.

We are looking for:

1. Teams.
As a general principle, we invite teams of 3 to 5 people who will work together on one collective project to apply. If your team is bigger or smaller than this please contact us before applying.

2. Commitment.
At the core of any great prototype is at least one person on the team (if not more) who have committed their full self to the success of their team’s project. We call these people entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs or problem owners, and if you are one, we encourage you to apply.

3. Acting on the Intersection.
Your project focuses on working on at least one of the core Hive Experiment themes - sustainable development, social innovation or emerging technology.

4. Ability to influence change.
Your project has the potential of making a decisive contribution to change in your home context. That context may be local, institutional, or systemic.

5. Aspiration to Evolve.
Your team has a bold vision, passion and commitment to take your work to next level of impact.

6. Self-reflection and Fellowship.
Your team is open to learning more about themselves and supporting others in developing their projects.

So if:
- these criteria vividly describe your team and your project/organisation,
- you are all ready to dive into adventurous, exploratory, experimental and masterfully facilitated space,
- you are really willing to take your team and project to the next level of impact,

Grab your team, find a beautiful calm place, enjoy the company of each other and tell us your story!

We can’t wait to hear from you.

Application deadlines:
Early Bird (5500 SEK/team member): June, 17 2018
General (6500 SEK/team member): August, 31 2018

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