eCycling Educational Survey
After you get a new cell phone, what do you do with the old one? This survey is designed to promote awareness of electronics recycling and encourage people to get involved. Please take your guess on questions you do not know.
After completing the survey, you can see the answers at the confirmation page. Please contact for questions.
What is your city and state? (City, State) *
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Does your state law allow electronics to be thrown into the trash? *
Every year, how many computers do you think are thrown away in the US? *
More than 3 million tons of e-waste is generated in the US every year. What percentage do you think is recycled? *
How many times have you recycled electronics in the past? *
If you do not recycle your electronics, what is your primary reason?
Do you know what EPA stands for (without checking internet)? *
Did you know that e-waste represents ~2% of America’s landfills, but accounts for over 70% of toxic waste? *
Do you have small electronics i.e. old phones/iPods sitting in your home? *
Do you have old computers (desktop, laptops, monitors etc.) sitting in your home that you are not using? *
If you have old electronics, what do you honestly plan to do?
Does your city host recycling fairs/events? *
Have you been to a recycling center or recycling fair/event? *
What is your age group? *
Comments or email address if you would like to receive survey results later. Please also indicate here if you would like to join us in recycling electronics or refurbishing computers
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