July Galaxy Survey
This month deals you get to answer questions related to the OES golf outing.
Are you planning to attend the July 20th OES Golf Tournament?
If you will be attending what will you be doing?
What makes a perfect day to golf?
Do you plan to support the July 27th All-Masonic Grand Lodge Golf Outing?
If yes, to the previous question - how will you show your support for our Masonic Family?
Your answer
What’s your best experience to date at our annual OES golf outing?
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How many trick questions can you answer correctly/
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A mulligan is something you have for lunch.
Chipping refers to putting something crunchy on the plate next to your hamburger.
There are no stewardesses on golf flights.
Putting is what happens if you have baked beans with your chipping.
Do you have any trick questions to add to this list?
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