Gwanju Traffic guidebook satisfaction survey
Hi. We are SK SUNNY Univ. volunteer group called 'Way,foreign'. We are active in Gwanju Metropolitan City specially.

As you know, Gwanju has lots of traffic way enabling us to move other regions or cities easily. However, these informations are quietly limited to foreigners in various reasons. We focused on this problem and we set objectives to reduce information gap so that increase foreigners access to public transport and traffic. To do that, we made guidebooks containing basic informations about Gwangju traffic and some tips for you.

Now we need your feedback to modify our books and search more better way. All of personal information will be dealt with security and deleted right after this project.

We request your frank answer and sincerely thanks your respond in advance.
1. How's your age? *
2. Where are you from? *
3. How long has you been Korea? *
4. Have you seen or used traffic system guidebook for foreigners? *
5. If you have, do you think it was helpful? *
5-1. Please compare our guidebook to previous one. *
6. We wonder whether our traffic system guidebook was helpful or not. *
7. Which one in our guidebook was most helpful? *
8. Let us know whatever your uncomfort so that we can supplement *
9. Will you introduce our guidebook to your friends? *
10. Where can we locate our guidebook for the easist access? *
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