Do you experience Wanderlust ? Does Travel give you perpetual high ? Ever thought of connecting with Travel enthusiasts around the world and exchange notes and stories ?
Well, this survey is for all those interested in Travel, Photography, Blogging, Story-telling, Writing and other related activities.

At the outset, here's wishing you all a wonderful new year filled with adventure, travel, exploration and great memories.

This new year, we intend to start a Web platform and a page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in order to facilitate sharing of travel write-ups, stories, and photos between individuals / groups sharing similar passions for travel, photography and writing. This is to help like-minded individuals connect and collaborate, and we do not intend to gain revenue through this initiative in the immediate future. Thank you for expressing interest in this initiative of starting a group Blog for Travel Writers, Photographers and Story tellers.

We are looking for our first story to be published. You can share your story at the end of the survey in the last question, and win a chance to be published as a "Featured story of a month". Stories should be less than 5000 characters. Our editors will go through your stories and select top 3 for the publication.

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Though the primary intent is to facilitate experience sharing, and not to make money, we are however open to considering a suitable business model in future, should the opportunity so present itself. In case we turn to a business model , we would gladly like you to avail the benefits (in the form of equity shares or one time annual payment, etc.), the consideration to be decided that time on the basis of work contribution during the tenure of first 12 months.
If you intend to become the Blog Editor or Blog Admin, how many hours a day would you be comfortable devoting for this activity.
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