Facebook group as an informal professional development tool: Perception of school librarians
The study will explore how Facebook groups are using as an informal professional learning tool among the school library professionals world-wide, their current learning trends and future professional learning aspirations.

The specific objectives of the study are:

To explore how Facebook groups is currently used by school librarians, for what purposes and to what effect;

To examine posts contents to understand the trends of school librarianship and the challenges librarians/Teacher-Librarians face in their works;

Your input will assist to further develop and shape the library and information science schools and organizations those offer professional training on school librarianship. A way forward, the study result will be a guide to school administrators to understand current trends and challenges in school librarianship for further action.

Thank you in advance for participating in this survey!

P/S: The Researcher received Takeshi Murofushi Research Award 2016 for this proposed research.

>> Please share this survey with anyone who might be interested in participating also, specially school library professionals worldwide >>

How do you keep update yourself professionally?
What Social Media do you use most for Professional Learning?
How long have you been using Facebook?
If your answer is "I don't use FB for PD" please go to section 2. The automatic section connection doesn't work for me!
How often do you use Facebook?
About how many professional group(s) do you currently follow on Facebook?
Which of the following Facebook group(s) are you a follower?
How frequently do you explore the Facebook group (s) you follow?
In a typical week, about how much time do you spend for professional development on Facebook?
How frequently do you post in the Facebook group(s) you follow?
What do you like to see in the Facebook group’s posts you follow?
If you were to read a group of Facebook posts, which topics would you be most likely to respond to (i.e. 'like', comment on or share)?
To what extent do Facebook Groups empower you to enhance your practice?
Extremely useful
Not useful
As a group member, how would you feel about 'like, comment or share’ on your Facebook group posts?
Very comfortable
Very uncomfortable
How would you rate Facebook as a way for Librarians to develop their professional learning or networking?
Very poor
What do you think are the benefits to participating in a professional Facebook group?
What are your challenges of following Facebook groups?
Do the challenges of Facebook Groups affect your use of them?
In the future what professional learning stuff would you expect to see on your Facebook group(s) you follow?
What are your current and future professional development aspirations as a school library professional?
Are you going to create a Facebook group for your state/city school library professionals?
Do you have any additional thoughts or comments about how Facebook can be used for school library professionals as a learning space?
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