NewBridge Studio Application
Applying for a Studio
NewBridge Studio offers space to artists at any stage of their career, working primarily within the field of visual art, with a desire to be part of a diverse and critically engaged community of creative practitioners.

The studios and shared workspace provide a critical and collaborative environment that allows artists to discuss and develop new ideas and projects.

NewBridge Studio continues to develop in response to the needs and interests of its members providing valuable resources and support to encourage an experimental and critical approach to contemporary art practice.

Please fill out the following form if you would like a space with us at The NewBridge Project.

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Using the space
5. Other than the space to develop your work, what are your reasons for wanting a studio at The NewBridge Project? Please indicate whether you agree/disagree on each statement.
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Strongly Agree
To be part of a supportive artist community
To participate in the professional development activities e.g. Practice Makes Practice
To help shape programming and the activities with NewBridge e.g. through programme committee and steering group
To have access to facilities (workshop space, communal meeting areas, bookable project space)
To have more artistic opportunities to exhibit and show work
To gain exposure and be associated with the work of The NewBridge Project
6. Please elaborate on your selection and add any further information on why you want a studio at The NewBridge Project. *
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7. How much time do you think you will spend in your studio? (mark only one option)
About Your Practice
This is your opportunity to tell us about yourself and your achievements as an artist
8. Please insert your artist bio/C.V. here *
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9. Please give a summary of your practice e.g. large-scale sculpture *
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10. Would you consider your practice to be any of the following (mark as many options as appropriate)
11. Do you have a weblink to your website? If so please enter here. You can also send up to 6 images of your work to (state below if sending via email) *
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Type of space needed
12. We have different space options based on size, practice and flexibility. Please select your preferred options, with 1 as your first choice up to 5 for your fifth choice. (If there is only one preferred option, mark only this. e.g. 1 for Hot-desking) NB: ONCE YOU SELECT AN OPTION YOU CANNOT DESELECT
1st Choice
2nd Choice
3rd Choice
4th Choice
5th Choice
Hot Desk in shared work-space £25/month
Open Plan Small space £60/month
Individual Small Space (8-10m/sq) £85/month
Individual Medium Space (15m/sq) £105/month
Individual Large Space (18-20m/sq) £130/month
Individual Extra Large (25+m/sq) £150/month
Shared Large (22-25 m/sq in total) for 2ppl £85/month each
13. If you are interested in a shared studio do you have someone in mind or are you happy to share with someone matched by us?
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14. Any other notes/requirements for studio spaces
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