Grow Warren Survey
General questions
1. Which Warren County municipality do you live in?
2. Choose all that describe you.
Please complete the corresponding Supplemental Survey(s) if you checked A, B, C and/or D.
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3. Is buying “local” food and other agricultural products important to you?
4. Do you currently purchase local farm products such as meats, produce, fruits, hay/straw, etc.?
5. What is your definition of “Local” when it relates to agricultural products? When the products are grown/raised within what proximity to the purchase location?
6. Which of the following would you be likely to purchase if it were grown in Warren County?
7. When considering a purchase I would find the following brand names as:
1 - Strongly Negative
2 - Somewhat Negative
3 - Neither Positive or Negative
4 - Somewhat Positive
5 - Strongly Positive
"Grown in Warren"
"Grown In the Warren Hills"
"Grown In the Warren Highlands"
* Other suggestions for a brand name
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8. Do you have any suggestions on how to enhance the agricultural industry in Warren County?
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9. Would you be willing to be interviewed confidentially by Greener by Design, LLC in connection with this project?
Optional Information:
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Supplemental Surveys and Completing Survey
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