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Every Goldieland piece from the Barbae Collection is lovingly made by hand at Brooklyn Glass. No two are the same. As such, there will be some differences in shape, height and detailing from the pieces photographed in our catalogue, as well as minor imperfections—all a part of the flameworking process.

Shipping fees are calculated and added on top of your final amount after you submit your order.

Don't see what you like? Just note your specifications in the custom orders box and we can discuss your order further. ✨

Currently on break, but taking preorders for delivery in early April.


More about the artist's flameworking process:

The process uses a torch to hand-sculpt glass and has been used for centuries dating back to ancient Mesopotamia and Rome to create detailed objects that are both decorative and functional. Hand-sculpting glass is, in part, an improvisational technique. The objects I create are infused not only my hands but my impulse during the creative process.

As a ritual process of creation, glassblowing is in tune with the alchemical transformation of liquid to solid. Glassblowing is an ancient tradition, inherited from the old world. Each handmade piece is created with this alchemical process in mind. These products serve as talismans grounded in feminine energy, functioning as a tool to balance the feminine and masculine energies within and around us.
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Petite Shot Glass (approx height: 5.15 cm) - $50 / $90 for two
Captionless Image
Number of Pieces
e.g. 2 Sugarcube
Shot Glass (approx height: 6.5 cm) - $65 / $115 for two
Captionless Image
Number of Pieces
e.g. 2 Georgia, 1 Simone
Tea Bowl (approx height: 4 cm) - $75 / $135 for two
Captionless Image
Number of Pieces
e.g. 2 Anaïs
Apéritif (approx height: 9 cm) - $120
Captionless Image
Number of Pieces
e.g. 1 Anaïs
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