Registration Form - Solvathon 2020
This is the form you need to fill for registration of Solvathon 2020. Take note of the following:

1. We are reminding you about the things you need to fill in this form.
Details have to be filled in about
a) Your team and school
b) Contact details of your Principal- for sharing your skill report later

2. You cannot save a draft for this form. Keep all details ready before you fill in the form. The form may take about 5 minutes for you to complete.
3. Only one form per school is required

For any query please write to us at
School Name *
Name of Teacher Mentor *
Teacher contact Number *
Teachers email id *
Email id of the Principal *
For sending the skill report post event
Grade of the Participating Students *
If the two participating students are from different groups then select those two different grades
Which cluster you will be participating *
Comments if any
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