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Thank you for expressing interest in joining the Central Region Committee! Within it, there are several sub-teams that help the region function smoothly and support the lodges/sections in the Central Region. We are currently looking for both youth members (under 21) and adult advisers (21+). To learn more about the committee and the roles of each team within it, click here: central.oa-bsa.org/committeestructure

Note: the committee structure document also outlines duties of the Team Lead for each Team. If you would like to be a team lead, please express that interest when filling out this form.

Due to a limited number of spots available on each team, we may not be able to offer a spot of your first preference, or offer a spot at all. Please only fill out this form if you are 100% confident that you will be able to give your position the time it deserves.

Lodges are the core of our organization. In the event that obligations conflict, one is over committed, etc, it is expected that one puts their lodge responsibilities above that of the region committee. The same guidelines apply to section responsibilities, school, family, etc. One may not give up lodge responsibilities in order to allow time for the Region Committee.

If you have any questions regarding the committee, feel free to reach out to Region Chief Patrick McInerney at 2020chief@central.oa-bsa.org
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Note: If selected, you will only be asked to serve on one of these teams based on where the committee leadership feels you would best fit. For more information on the roles of each committee, visit central.oa-bsa.org/committeestructure
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Please note: There is a part of the form for each Committee Sub Team. We would like you to fill out this for each sub team you are interested in joining. To access the other parts of the form, when asked "Are there any other teams you are interested in serving on?" select "yes" until you have filled out each part of the form you need.
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