Survey for alignment researchers: help us build better field-level models
Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this anonymous survey. Its purpose is to better model of various field-level dynamics in alignment. The survey was designed and reviewed by multiple professional cognitive science researchers.

It should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete (it is all multiple choice). For every alignment researcher who completes the survey, we will donate $40 to a high-impact AI safety organization of your choosing (see specific options below). We will also send each alignment researcher who wants one a customized report that compares their personal results to those of the field
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[OPTIONAL] If you work at a specific alignment organization and would like to indicate which, please do so below.

(Note: if enough researchers elect to provide this data, we may be able to tease apart findings by organization.)

What is the highest level of involvement you have achieved related to alignment/AI safety?

*Here, "well-received" can be defined as one of:
  • a technical work with ≥50 karma on LessWrong or the Alignment Forum, OR
  • a technical work published on arXiv that has been cited by at least two other papers, OR
  • a technical work published in any major journal
Please indicate how long you have been in the alignment/AI safety space. *
We will donate $40 for each alignment researcher who takes this survey to the following high-impact alignment organizations.

Please select to which of the following charities you'd like these proceeds to go. 
[OPTIONAL] We will send each alignment researcher who wants one a customized report that compares their specific results to those of the field. If you'd like this, please put your email below. (Your email will be kept confidential and will never be published anywhere.)

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