Middle and High School Virtual Athletic Season - Call for Ideas
We would like to provide MCPS stakeholders a voice in designing the activities for virtual engagement.
This survey serves as a tool for capturing the collective voice of stakeholders across MCPS Athletics when creating virtual activities and opportunities for student-athletes. Please provide your responses to the answers below. In doing so, you will join our team of RAISE Re-imagineers, in creating and compiling virtual experiences for our coaches and student-athletes. Together We RAISE!
MCPS Sport Nation Stakeholder: *
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What type of activities would you like to see included in the virtual seasons? *
Do you have connections and or suggestions for guest speakers? If so, who? (please provide contact information) *
On behalf of the entire MCPS Athletics program, thank you for your participation in completing this survey. MCPS Athletics is committed to designing the GREATEST, virtual season for our student-athletes! We Can, We Will, Together #WeRAISE
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